non-invasive therapy for chronic pain
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non-invasive therapy for chronic pain
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Michelle Nicholas

For 3 years, I have suffered with lower back pain caused by herniated discs and arthritis of the facet joint. I felt like I had a steel plate in my spine. I have been through injections, physical therapy (2X), muscle manipulation and lots of daily pain pills. I was in constant stabbing pain. Could not stand or sit for long periods of time. My friend kept telling me I should go to SST. I finally went and wished I had gone 2 years sooner! The SST team really listened to my problems and concerns and gave me a personal evaluation. From there, with their guidance, I learned new techniques to help my body and undo the years of damage, tension and tightness caused by my back problems.

I did my “homework” faithfully and after 6 weeks, I am amazed at how great I was feeling. My steel plate turned to clay first and now, I barely feel anything. All stabbing pain stopped, my hip pain decreased greatly. By 9 weeks, I stopped taking daily pain pills. I was thrilled! Finally, a therapy program that worked. I can now hike 3-4 miles without any pain. I do my homework at least 4-5 times a day. I start while putting on my makeup in the morning and continue all day, at work, on my breaks and finish at home. IF you have chronic pain go to Sterling Structural Therapy! You will be so happy you did. Thank you to the SST team for all your help.

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