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Sterling Structural Therapy (SST) is the ONLY Fascia-based therapy, that delivers exceptional results VIRTUALLY, without the need for hands on treatment. We use the principal of Chirality to correct systemic Myofascia imbalances, restoring movement, function and quality of life! We offer both Virtual & In-Person treatment programs, both are designed for people who want to take an active role in their treatment, allowing them to benefit from SST’s unique Fascia & Posture based method for the treatment of chronic pain & orthopedic conditions.

Schedule a 45-minute Complimentary Virtual Consult!

During your Complimentary Consult, we gently test and see if SST is indeed the right method for your specific needs, you will know during that consult whether this is something that will produce results for you or not, giving you peace of mind investing in the treatment. Majority of people experience 25%-75% reduction in symptoms at their consult.

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1. SST Virtual treatment Program Description

  • 1x 50min full Virtual structural evaluation, to determine individual systemic Fascia imbalances
  • followed by 4x 50min virtual SST treatment sessions
  • Get simple homework exercises that will immediately reduce pain/discomfort by 25%-75%!
  • Learn functional-posture habits for sustainable long term results
  • Full lifestyle (home/work) ergonomic assessment based on your unique systemic Myofascia imbalance
  • Work exclusively with one dedicated therapist
  • Sessions will include developing your unique SST pain relief homework sequence, along with Intensive postural re-education, specifically of sitting, standing, walking and sleeping positions.

SST Virtual Program, Innovation in Fascia & Chronic Pain Treatment

2. SST Manual Intensive Program Description:

  • Manual Intensives vary in length, from 11 days to 3 weeks.
  • Each SST session is a full 80 minutes, one Therapist with one client in a private room.

First Manual Session

  • Full structural evaluation by Dana Sterling, SST Founder, evaluating systemic Fascia imbalances.
  • Based on the assessment, create & implement corrective exercises that result in immediate drop in pain/discomfort level. Majority of clients will experience immediate drop by 50% to 75% (this depends on severity).
  • These corrective exercises will be a part of the client’s home routine, specifically designed to give THEM the tools to continue to improve while they are away from us.
  • Basic Postural reeducation/coaching specifically of sitting, standing & sleeping.
  • Clients will be sent videos that correspond to their specific home routine, along with videos of how to sit, stand and sleep.

Followup SST manual sessions:

  • Review, addition and fine tuning of home routine.
  • Review & fine tuning of basic postural reeducation.
  • Based on the client’s work/lifestyle, further intensive postural reeducation will be done, specifically addressing their unique needs.
  • Specific manual Fascia corrections, applied to the client by the therapist, these will take up from 50% to 80% of the sessions, as this will help resolve systemic Fascia imbalances, and will literally make the client’s home routine more effective.

Followup Remote video sessions:

If you are the kind of person who wants an active role in eliminating your chronic pain, a person who refuses to accept pain and limitations as a “normal” part of life, then SST is absolutely the method for you!


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