non-invasive therapy for chronic pain
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non-invasive therapy for chronic pain
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Gary Lancz

Over three decades ago, I underwent a spinal fusion and assumed that would put an end to my back and neck issues.  Little did I know that it was just the beginning.  With increasing pain in the ensuing years and desperate to avoid more surgery, I sought every kind of treatment — nerve ablation, epidurals, cortisone, PRP, acupuncture, physical therapy, oral medication, massage therapy, and an experimental procedure out of Germany — with only temporary, diminished pain at best.  All aspects of life suffered, from work productivity to enjoyment of recreational activities to restorative sleep.  I could neither sit nor stand nor lie down comfortably for any measurable length of time and had to cycle between the three positions in search of relief.

Miserable and unable to function in this constant state of high level pain, I sought the opinion of another surgeon recommended by one of my pain management doctors.  He offered a cutting-edge, less invasive operation than my fusion of years ago but, at the same time, was the first surgeon I had seen who thought it best to avoid surgery.  He had seen promising results with Sterling Structural Therapy (SST) in Arizona and suggested I try it as a last-ditch effort.

Although I live across the country and wasn’t sure how feasible it would be to seek treatment so far away (not to mention how skeptical I had become), I called and spoke with staff members at SST.  After speaking with them at length and watching the videos, I sensed that this therapy could be the elusive solution.  I scheduled a multi-day intensive and was in Arizona within a couple weeks.

Dana introduced me to her unique techniques and frame of thought.  In the first session, I felt immediate, all-over relief different than the diminished pain of all other treatments.  I went from a pain level of 7 (on a scale of 1-10) to a 2.  After the second or third session, my pain level had subsided to zero.  During the course of the intensive, Dana worked with me to design a personalized program that I could understand and perform independently to ensure continued success at home.  She gave me the tools – knowledge, exercises, and postural changes – to maintain a pain-free existence.

I have flown in for a few follow-ups/check-ins to keep myself in the right place.  But the real work is at home, where I am committed to doing the daily exercises which only take 8-10 minutes a day.

I highly recommend coming from anywhere to seek treatment at SST.  In the long run, it’s the most efficient, cost-effective and, most importantly, successful means to control your own pain.

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