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At Sterling Structural Therapy our mission is to give you the tools and support to take an active role in eliminating chronic pain. Using innovative fascia-based techniques and postural reeducation. Take back control, conquer your pain.

Get back to the healthy active lifestyle you deserve!



Eliminate Your Pain

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A New Paradigm for Chronic Pain Treatment

If you would like to take an active role in your wellbeing, reduce or eliminate the pain you are experiencing and want to take back control of your body… Sterling Structural Therapy is THE method for you.



John R. Feagler M.D

When fascia becomes imbalanced, resulting postural changes can occur that contribute to musculoskeletal and chronic pain.

I have referred over 30 patients with a variety of skeletal, orthopedic and pain issues, the success of Sterling Structural Therapy in making them pain-free is phenomenal!

Ruth Horn, M.D. Montreal Canada

Prior to working with Sterling Structural Therapy, I had lumbar back surgery.  Since I have been working with the SST team I have never had pain again.  My posture is improved and I am aware of my body position at all times.  I am a physician and I can truly say that Dana Sterling has earned her MD! She is more knowledgeable than many orthopedic surgeons I know! I am one of their clients and can attest that I no longer have any neck or low back pain from prior athletic injuries.  I highly recommend the Sterling Structural Therapy team.

Jennifer Collins

I have had consistent pain for almost eight years and through other therapies, I have been incrementally improving. This chapter, working with Cody at Sterling Structural Therapy, has been a turning point for me and making the biggest difference! I have been profoundly impacted how a few small exercises can make the biggest difference. The “homework” is efficient, manageable, and most of all I am seeing amazing results. Dana and her team at SST ROCK!  Truly there is a reason their slogan is what it is! Intelligent exercise profound results

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