non-invasive therapy for chronic pain
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non-invasive therapy for chronic pain
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Jack Cohen

In 2017, I developed a sharp pain in my right shin. It was so severe that I could not walk more than a few steps.

I went to my internal medicine doctor, then to a pain management doctor and finally to the Cleveland Clinic. The Clinic diagnosed the problem as a pinched nerve at the base of my vertebrae and recommended an operation. It was a complicated operation that could have left me worse off if not successful.

I then contacted my previous doctor who had moved to Arizona. He said he had received excellent results for his current patients with Sterling Structural Therapy in Carefree, Arizona.

I contacted Dana Sterling and arranged to fly to Arizona from my home in Florida for three weeks of treatment. During these three weeks I had intensive therapy designed by the Sterling Structural Therapy team, at the end of the therapy I was pain free and able to walk reasonable distances. I have simple homework exercises I still do daily, and I continuously work on improving my posture as I was coached to do by the SST team.

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