non-invasive therapy for chronic pain
Dana Sterling reeducation session
non-invasive therapy for chronic pain
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Zoila Ramirez, Oregon USA

I have been dealing with extreme unbearable pain, back spasms, bulged discs, Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease in other words lots of pain! Which at times I couldn’t move or get out of bed.

I had to become my own advocate doing research trying to find ways to ease my pain! I was starting to feel hopeless!

Then I accidentally came upon one of Dana’s videos for neuropathy (SST) it was like my prayers were being answered!

I immediately called! And after virtually meeting with Dana, she did an evaluation and said Yes…I was a good candidate for SST. Dana then set me up with Anna Tennal.

Anna, has been an angel! I love how knowledgeable she is! She’s Strict, but patient and that’s exactly what I needed! Anna’s Amazing!! I am so grateful for Dana, Sheryl and ANNA! They have given HOPE!! THANK YOU ladies!! from the bottom of my ❤️ I’m loving my personal virtual sessions!

So far I’m doing great learning new ways to ease my pain! I’m feeling way better!


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