I began working with the SST team almost 12 months ago to alleviate lower back pain, which had been “managed” with a dose of chiropractor visits, yoga and other forms of strengthening. As a relatively active and health conscious person, I thought SST may offer some additional insights on how to alleviate my chronic back pain. What I found working with SST was not only a way to alleviate pain but also, more important to a type A, how to expand my athletic abilities. Over the past 20 years, I worked out regularly at a gym and hiked 2-3 times per week. Due to my back pain, however, I was guided to stay away from running. This year after using SST to strengthen and achieve better alignment overall, I ran two 5K’sjust breaking 8-minute miles – pain free. I learned how to integrate stretching into my life to support my alignment and enhance my performance as a middle-aged athlete. This year, instead of worrying about what I can do physically, I’m looking forward to breaking 7-minute miles – thanks so much Sterling Structural Therapy!!