Shadia Derbyshire

I am writing this to give you hope – I dealt with chronic back pain for 3.5 years…and this was on the heels of a 4 year issue with my hip that resulted in surgery. I tried chiropractic care (3 different practices), physical therapy (4 different practices), 2 different back specialists… I tried fascial stretch therapy, massage therapy, Graston, PEMF, trigger point injections…and on and on. Really, you name it and I’m sure I tried it. I foam rolled, massaged it and stretched it. I was desperate to find a solution, and in my countless YouTube searches to figure out and solve the pain, I found a video from SST. The pandemic encouraged me to reach out to see if there were remote treatment options – I was happy to learn they had been treating clients remotely prior to that.

Dana immediately gave me 2 exercises (simple, brief movements, requiring very little time commitment – I add this because with other therapies I was endlessly doing PT at home with the promise of results that never came).

Immediately, things improved, and it gave me enough hope to take the leap. I worked with Cody for 3 months and it is a miraculous feeling to be able to write that I am now living without pain. I can sit at the dinner table without squirming, sleep without waking up from the pain multiple times, get through long workdays on a ladder with no issue, and I’m able to run again. Even better, when I do something to set me back, I have the tools to correct the issue IMMEDIATELY. It is completely empowering.

Working with Sterling Structural Therapy has been nothing short of a blessing and I encourage you to reach out to them and start your healing today. The whole team has your back and will support you. They are the BEST!